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Wife sharing practice in Bollywood

wife swapping akshay kumar action with kareena

Deepika Padukone had so many sex encounters with different men. Even when she was somewhat committed to Ranveer Singh, she continued to have her advnetures. Although she accepts them openly and shamelessly, we only imagine if she is even a loyal wife. How can a person who has had so many flings could stay committed to someone for long? As she says that in her heart she had Ranveer but she was sharing her body with other men, could the reverse of this be also true? That is, if she is now married to Ranveer, can her heart may be somewhere else. What if Ranveer and Deepika one day decides to swap with other high-profile Bollywood couples.

If a couple is able to manage each others secret, a wife may agree to be shared. And because Deepika has had so many sexual experiences with different men, she may not mind it too, because it is not a new thing for her. Many man would be happy to even share their newly wedded wife with Ranveer Singh for Deepika Padukone.

Will Deepika be able to maintain this new adventure a secret? Because at Karan Johar's Coffee with Karan, Deepika gets so frank, what if she gives a clue or may be evem say it openly that she and her husband Ranveer, they both enjoy Couple Swapping, Couple to Couple (cpl to cpl) in Mumbai. I think it will be not safer for Ranveer Singh. he might loose his reputation, because in between Deepika and Ranveer, atleast Ranveer has more character.

Do you belive that these Bollywood Couples may be getting engaged in wife swapping or cpl to cpl sex in Mumbai or elsewhere? Pls comment.


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