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Wife sharing practice in Bollywood

Deepika Padukone had so many sex encounters with different men. Even when she was somewhat committed to Ranveer Singh, she continued to have her advnetures. Although she accepts them openly and shamelessly, we only imagine if she is even a loyal wife. How can a person who has had so many flings could stay committed to someone for long? As she says that in her heart she had Ranveer but she was sharing her body with other men, could the reverse of this be also true? That is, if she is now married to Ranveer, can her heart may be somewhere else. What if Ranveer and Deepika one day decides to swap with other high-profile Bollywood couples . If a couple is able to manage each others secret, a wife may agree to be shared. And because Deepika has had so many sexual experiences with different men, she may not mind it too, because it is not a new thing for her. Many man would be happy to even share their newly wedded wife with Ranveer Singh for Deepika Padukone. Will Deepika be able to ma

Sexy Sofia Ansari

Sofia Ansari is popular ex-TikToker and Instagram Influencer, her Insta id is - @sofia9__official . She puts sexy pictures and sexy dance reels of herself on social media platforms. She has also performed in an item song in Bollywood. When TikTok was active in India, she collaborated with many other TikTokers. After she gained massive amount of popularity in Instagram. I enjoy her solo videos and her solo pics. She is very sexy Indian girl. Being a Muslim, she has impressed the masses with her cute and naughty smile and expressions. Urfi Javed is also another Muslim girl, famous for her weird fashion sense, but I fidn Sofia Ansari, very hot and sexy. Her dusky brown skin looks delicious. Her natutral big boobs are looks delicous. Here below I am sharing some of her pics, for more pics and videos on her, follow her Instagram Account.

What do girls like Urfi Javed want?

Urfi Javed is a Muslim girl. Muslims are known for their strictness towards females, they like to cage them, and chain them with rules and regulations. Surely Urfi Javed has broken these chains. But what does she wants? Is Urfi Javed Shameless girl? Urfi Javed is not an educated girl. She wants to earn money. Is she eleigible to do any job at a reputed company? No. So, how can she fulfill her dreams, if she cannot earn respectfully. She can't become a labour, she can't work hard, she can't find a job that requires hard work. I mean there are several jobs that a person or a girl can do. There are so many shops, businesses that requires female staff. You can live you life with some basic salary, but when you want to give a message or you wnat live rich lifestyle, as a Girl you can only showcase your body for men to oogle at it, and then make money out of it. It pays to show body online Wearing clothes that makes no sense, just to gain attention of people. Calling yours