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What do girls like Urfi Javed want?

urfi javed in revealing dress

Urfi Javed is a Muslim girl. Muslims are known for their strictness towards females, they like to cage them, and chain them with rules and regulations. Surely Urfi Javed has broken these chains. But what does she wants?

Is Urfi Javed Shameless girl?

Urfi Javed is not an educated girl. She wants to earn money. Is she eleigible to do any job at a reputed company? No. So, how can she fulfill her dreams, if she cannot earn respectfully. She can't become a labour, she can't work hard, she can't find a job that requires hard work. I mean there are several jobs that a person or a girl can do. There are so many shops, businesses that requires female staff. You can live you life with some basic salary, but when you want to give a message or you wnat live rich lifestyle, as a Girl you can only showcase your body for men to oogle at it, and then make money out of it.

It pays to show body online

Wearing clothes that makes no sense, just to gain attention of people. Calling yourself modern or style entusiast, is baseless. You don't have any better talent, so being a shameless person and being proud about it is the only thing she can do. There are many girls.

Men likes to watch naked girls

For men sex is a very visual thing. For women it can be quite emotional thing, but for men we like what we see. Every girl knows things, and girls with no talent or education choose this path. They show their butt, bodies, to gain followers on Instagram and other social media sites, and when they do so, they may get paid by some brand for promotion of their product.

Am I against her or I dislike her?

No, she is what she is. She is earning bread and butter by doing what the best she can do. Even if she is popular, but a female doctor, a female lawyer, a woman scientist, will always have more respect, because like Urfi Javed who preys on men, these other women actually do things to make society a better place atleast to some extent.


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