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Flatheads shoes still not available

flatheads shoe brand

I was seeing on Shark Tank this new shoe brand, Flatheads. When I googled it to buy them, I went to their website -, and their shoes all sold out. If the cost was Rs.500 to Rs. 800 and if they were available I would have bought them.

Their lowest price as I am seeing in his pitch on Youtube is Rs.2000-Rs.3000 for shoes made with Polyester Drifit material.

But yes Aman gave us 4 lessons for a good business, 4-Ps and those are Price, Product, Promotion, and Place.

I think the owner Ganesh will come back after a couple of years. He is a good person. Oh God, he made the Sharks cry. I feel him, I have failed too in life, for too long, I am just struggling and struggling and struggling. I am just surviving somehow, far away from my dreams.


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